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Our Story

Our Davenport location holds a special place in our hearts as it's where it all began—the very heart of Hammer & Co. But we didn't stop there. We're proud to announce our second location in Clermont, extending the Hammer & Co. experience to even more clients.

What sets us apart is our blend of tradition and innovation. You'll find the comforting nostalgia of old-age barbering seamlessly intertwined with the fresh vibes of modern aesthetics. It's a unique atmosphere that instantly puts you at ease, whether it's your first visit or you're a regular.

We understand the hustle and bustle of daily life, which is why we value your time as much as you do. With our convenient booking app, Booksy, scheduling your appointment is a breeze. Whether it's 3 PM or 3 AM, you can secure your spot with just a few taps on your phone. No more waiting on hold or trying to fit a call into your busy day. It's all about making your life easier. We also love our walk ins

Our team of skilled barbers isn't just here to give you a haircut; they're here to craft a look that reflects your personality and style. With years of experience under their belts, they have the expertise to turn your vision into reality. Whether you're looking for a classic cut or a bold new style, they'll work their magic to leave you feeling confident and looking your best.

But don't just take our word for it come see for yourself. Drop by anytime for our convenient walk-in service, or better yet, schedule an appointment to guarantee your spot and skip the wait. Trust us, it's worth it.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the Hammer & Co. experience today. Contact us to book your appointment and discover what our team of professionals can do for you. Your neighborhood barbershop is waiting to welcome you with open arms, whether it's at our cherished Davenport location or our exciting new spot in Clermont.

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Our Team

Our team at Hammer & Co. Barbershop is dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable grooming experience. We take pride in our culture of excellence and our work philosophy. Get to know us better and discover what makes our team so special.


Erika Hammer 


Erika, a Chicagoland native, has been a guiding force in the barbering scene for over 15 years. Following her tenure managing a Detroit-based barbershop company, she fearlessly ventured out to establish her own brand. Despite the hurdles faced as a female barber, Erika's determination led her to own a second location and become the face of Hammer and Co., a testament to her unwavering perseverance and success. Notably, Erika is celebrated for the welcoming atmosphere she cultivates in her barbershops, where clients often feel like they're at home.

Clermont, FL
Clermont, FL

Xavier Q.

Clermont Leader/Master Barber 

Xavier, or better known as Fademcgee, isn't just a barber from Hartford, CT; he's a force of nature in the industry. Since a kid, his passion for playing barber hinted at his destined profession.  Not only has Xavier made waves with his unique style, but he's also played a pivotal role in shaping Hammer and Co. into the powerhouse it is today. His journey from playful beginnings to professional success is a testament to his unwavering commitment and undeniable talent.

Davenport, FL
_MG_8604 (1).jpeg

Davenport Leader/Master Barber

Oneal, a Florida native, embodies the classic tale of starting from the bottom and ascending to the top. With determination, he has carved his path to the top of the barbering industry. Leading the charge in Davenport, Oneal's relentless work ethic have earned him respect and admiration. Beyond barbering, he's a true entrepreneur, dabbling in ventures with the same gusto that defines his barbering success. His journey serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs and barbers alike.

Oneal R.

Davenport, FL
Davenport, FL
Davenport, FL

Nicole T.

Davenport Leader/ Master Barber

Nicole, originally from LA but now rooted in Florida, is a standout figure in the barbering realm. Known as Barberlogicc, she's celebrated for her precision and deep understanding of both barbering techniques and human therapy. Leading the scene in Davenport, Nicole defies stereotypes and showcases that gender is no obstacle to success in the industry. Additionally, as an LGBTQI-safe barber, she provides a welcoming and inclusive space for all clients.

Rafii C.

Master Barber

Rafii, a proud native of Puerto Rico, began his journey with Hammer & Co. as its inaugural barber hire. With unmatched skills and dedication, he has become a standout figure in the Florida barbering scene. Rafii doesn't just provide top-notch haircuts; he ensures every client leaves with positive vibes and a fresh look. If you're cruising in with a cool car, you're sure to strike up a bond with him.

unnamed (7).jpg
Davenport, FL
Davenport, FL

Cesar M.

Master Barber 

Cesar, a Miami native with Dominican pride running through his veins, brings more than just a haircut to the table. With years of experience in the barber game, he's mastered his craft to the point where he could cut hair with his eyes closed. But it's not just about the cut; it's about the conversation. Cesar's discussions will leave you pondering long after you've left his chair. With him, it's all about good vibes and meaningful connections.

Rey M.

Master Barber 

Rey, a Miami native and dual citizen of the Dominican Republic, follows in the footsteps of his father, born into a family deeply rooted in the barbering tradition. Working alongside his brother Cesar, Rey brings his A-game to every haircut. His precision and skill are unmatched, evident in the countless five-star reviews he consistently receives. Whether you're in need of a sharp fade or engaging conversation, Rey delivers excellence every time.

Aaron M.

Master Barber

Aaron, originally from Cleveland but now firmly rooted in Florida, is a low-key country boy with a passion for barbering that runs deep. Sitting in his chair guarantees more than just a haircut; it promises an exhilarating conversation and lively banter. With Aaron, you're not just getting a trim, you're getting an experience that leaves you looking good and feeling even better.

Davenport, FL

Jam P.

Master Barber 

Meet Jam, a skilled barber with nearly a decade of experience in the Orlando area. Her precision to detail is unmatched, earning her a dedicated and loyal clientele. Jam epitomizes the essence of a female barber, effortlessly blending a fun vibe with professionalism. Known for her punctuality, she ensures every appointment is enjoyable while maintaining efficiency. Jam's clients not only receive top-notch haircuts but also an unforgettable experience.

Davenport, FL


Master Barber 

Meet Dayo, a seasoned barber from Puerto Rico who's made a name for himself in the Four Corners area. Known for his exceptional cuts and engaging conversations, Dayo's expertise is backed by years of experience and education with Andis Clippers. In his chair, you're family, and he'll always ensure you leave looking and feeling your best. Whether it's an early bird special or a late-night cut, Dayo's dedication shines through, seamlessly fitting in with the Hammer and Co. crew.

Clermont, FL
Clermont, FL

Izzy M.

Master Barber 

Meet Izzy, a determined barber who's relatively new to the game, but a definite go-getter. He's made his mark at Hammer & Co., rising through the ranks in just a couple of years. Izzy is the epitome of dedication, always locked in and ready to go bright and early. Hailing from Lake County, he's quickly built his name in the community, proving that hard work and determination truly pay off.

Darren B.

Master Barber 

Introducing Darren, a hard working guy from the Clermont/Groveland area, who has swiftly made a name for himself in the barbering industry. Despite his relatively short time at Hammer and Co., he's embraced it as his second home. Darren is renowned for his top-notch skills and engaging banter, ensuring every visit to his chair is not just a haircut, but an experience. Expect to be treated like family every time you sit down with him, as he values creating meaningful connections with his clients.

Clermont, FL

Les V.

Master Barber 

Meet Les, a seasoned barber and educator with over 20 years of experience spanning across Orlando and his hometown of New York. He's found his groove at Hammer and Co., where he's always locked in and ready to work his magic. Les is known for his efficiency, quickly delivering crisp and clean cuts that leave you feeling great in no time. With Les, you can expect top-notch service and a confidence-boosting experience every time you step out of his chair.

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